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    About my cats

    In my breeding I want to create my own lines. That is how I really know the pedigrees of my kittens. I want  to breed healthy, big and strong cats, who has lovely tempers and excellent coat quality. That helps a lot cat owner's life.


    My oldest cat is now 9 years, but I have already females in 6th generation in my home - all the six females living here with us.


    Of course I need "new blood" in m y breeding- That I ihave got by importing beautiful healthy cats from abroad. I have found reliable and honest breeders whom I have been able to buy lovely males and whose catterynames I proudly connect with my own lines.


    All cats that I use for breeding has been tested negative / normal for:

    • FeLV
    • FIV
    • HCM
    • GSD IV
    • white cats BAER tested and I breed only by cats who has normal hearing in both ears

    I have been Best NFO breeder in Finland 2006 #1, 2007 #2, 2008#1, 2009#2

    My cats has achieved lots of BIS-winnings and top results in different rankings!

    If You are interested in our cats,, just send me e-mail:

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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